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travel with kids

It goes without saying that Spring Break is known as a time of travel. Many families with kids take advantage of the week long break from school to visit far away family or take a vacation somewhere fun, especially with … READ MORE »

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Philadelphia Skyline

If you’ve been reading The Shopping Mama for any length of time then you know we are committed to traveling with our kids. We love making memories that will last a lifetime and showing our kids a little slice of … READ MORE »

Nuna Sena Red

According to the calendar, spring is officially here! With warmer weather, spring break and summer travel just around the corner we have partnered with Nuna to give away the smart, simple and chic SENA Travel Cot. The SENA travel crib … READ MORE »

Fes Morocco with Kids

I am so excited to share some of my favorite photos and experiences of our recent family trip to Fes, Morocco. We flew directly from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Fes, Morocco and spent three nights exploring and taking in all … READ MORE »