A a sleepy mama to three, one being only a month old, coffee is a staple at this house.  I’m known for going through the drive through at Starbucks not once but sometimes twice a day and while I LOVE a good latte, my husband doesn’t exactly LOVE our coffee bill.  I’ve been looking for a way to brew a good latte at home for awhile and have tried several different methods and machines so I was very excited to have the opportunity to give the TASSIMO products a try.


TASSIMO t55 Review

The first thing I noticed about the TASSIMO t55 is that it has a smaller profile than some other machines and I think this is due to the water reservoir being in the back rather than on the side.  What’s nice about this is I was able to create a smaller coffee bar area in my kitchen and it fit perfectly.

The set up of the TASSIMO was a bit tedious and involved running water through the machine 4 times and setting up the water filter but I will say the idea of filtered water makes up for the extra time.  This ensures your cup of coffee doesn’t have any weird mineral tastes.

TASSIMO makes many different types of T DISCS, their version of single cup brewing, including espresso, standard drip coffees, lattes, teas, and hot chocolates made by familiar brands, Gevalia, Maxwell House, Twinnings, and Tim Hortons to name a few.  Since I was most excited to make a latte I decided to try that first.  The process is super easy and involves running a sweet latte cup first.  This is the milk of the latte and what surprised me the most was how frothy it was with out having a frother.


After “brewing” the milk the next step involves making the coffee.  Again, you just pop in the disc and press start.  The process is incredibly easy and in less than three minutes in the comfort of my home I was enjoying a pumpkin spice latte.  And it was delicious.




Since I was so happy with the latte results I decided to give the regular brew coffee a try.  The method  is the same, minus the milk step, and again, it was fantastic.



I would definitely recommend the TASSIMO 55 to anyone looking to buy a single cup brewer.  The quality of the coffee was some of the best I’ve tried and the profile is slim enough to not take up a lot of room on the counter.

Shop! Just visit the TASSIMO website to order brewing machines and t discs. The t55 Brewer is $170, and other models are priced as low as $100.

Do you feel the need for a cup of joe in the morning or can you get moving without it?

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Jennie is a military wife with two (almost three) kiddos; Addie, Carter and Lexi Kate (due in October). She loves all things preppy, pink, and personalized and runs a small business out of her home called The Preppy Pickle. Before she became a mom she was a journalist and a teacher and she strives to encourage her own children to follow their dreams daily no matter what that dream is.

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  1. 1.

    I didn’t start drinking coffee until I had kids (coincidence? I think not), but now I’m totally addicted. Every day starts with a cup, but I would love to be able to make “fancy” drinks at home! That machine looks awesome!

  2. 2.

    Great review Jennie! I love coffee and I will definitely be checking back for a good deal on this coffee pot. ;)

  3. 3.

    The fancy drinks are my downfall at the coffee shop and this would be perfect for getting me through the day

  4. 4.

    I love how fashionable this looks in your kitchen!

  5. 5.
    Natalie F

    Congrats on the one months old, I completely understand needing coffee to get through your day. I appreciate your review, we are considering purchasing one. We have several Bosch appliances and love them all. Also, we don’t have coffee shops close to home with a drive through. With kids, you really need that drive through. It would be so nice to make a latte at home!

  6. 6.
    julie rmr

    what a perfect gift!

  7. 7.

    Thanks for the review, and its details about its lean profile. I have a very small countertop space. Also, love that it can make fancy ones like latte, cappuccino!

  8. 8.

    I would love to have this coffee maker!

  9. 9.
    Amanda Alvarado

    I love that it can make regular coffee and lattes!

  10. 10.

    what a great system

  11. 11.
    Michelle B

    This definitely seems like a great machine and looks stylish but simple too! I want one!

  12. 12.
    Jessica H.

    I love that you highlighted how sleek it is. I do not have a lot of room in my kitchen and this would be a big factor in my decision making. I would love your whole coffee bar set up! Thank you for sharing!

  13. 13.
    Melanie Ann

    This is seriously amazing… I might have to add this to my wishlist! Awesome review. xx

  14. 14.

    I would love to try the TASSIMO t55 — it sounds so wonderful!

  15. 15.
    Eileen Richter

    I am so excited about your review stating the resevoir is in the back and would take up less space on the counter side to side. We have a small house with limited space.

    I have never tried the small cups , but hubby has the community one at work he gets to use. I would love one at home.

  16. 16.
    Cassandra Eastman

    This looks like a really neat brewer! I LOVE lattes, but I really only like to drink a cup a day so this would be perfect. My husband just loves black coffee. I love all the different variets of drinks you can make with this!

  17. 17.
    Crystal Renee

    Yum! You have made me really want to own one of those! I love the drinks you can choose from, too!

  18. 18.
    Dorothy Deakyne

    thanks for the review and chance

  19. 19.
    Beth Klocinski

    I would love to be able to make great lattes at home.

  20. 20.
    Paula Tavernie

    I love coffee and this would be such a wonderful gift for myself! I love the size of it!!

  21. 21.

    thanks for the great review it sure makes me want to own one, hoping to win it so i can have an easy system with a great coffee to serve :)

  22. 22.
    Tanya Holland

    This sounds like something I can use in my house. You make it sound so appealing.

  23. 23.
    Laurie Emerson

    Thank you for such a thorough review. I never realized how easy it would b to use this. I cannot imagine my morning without my cup of coffee. Just he smell of it first thing each morning perks me up!

  24. 24.
    Richard Hicks

    One of the best I have seen and everything is automated!

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