Remember that Friends episode when Ross has a mental breakdown because someone ate his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich? The one and only Turkey Sandwich with a Moist Maker? (If you don’t you can watch this little clip for a refresher.) The moral of the story is obviously that Thanksgiving leftovers are serious business.

By the way, I’m fairly certain that, with a little effort, I could reference a Friends episode in every single post on The Shopping Mama but that would be a little sad and you would all realize that I watch reruns far too much so we’ll just forget that challenge and move along. To Thanksgiving leftovers…

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Chances are a big ol’ turkey will be on the menu if you are preparing a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. And, if that’s the case, there is a one hundred percent chance you will have leftovers. We think you deserve better than a boring leftover turkey sandwich – even one with a moist maker – so we’ve rounded up 20 amazing recipes using leftover Thanskgiving turkey.

20 Leftover Turkey Recipes


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    Those look awesome!

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    Thank you for including my Turkey w/Blueberries and Peaches. There are some excellent leftover ideas here that I cannot wait to try. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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