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Hatchery LogoWittlebee brings you adorable kids clothes that are tailored by style.  Kiwi Crate brings a monthly serving of arts and crafts projects.  Birchbox makes mommy happy with boxes full of high-end cosmetics.  And Naturebox delivers a big dose of healthy snacks right to your doorstep.  Monthly subscription services are all the rage these days.  Curated collections of themed goods save time for busy people while introducing them to new products they might never have seen before.  It’s the best of all worlds.  I have been waiting for one last subscription opportunity to land at my door – something for the foodie who likes to support purveyors of artisinal food stuffs.  And here it is: Hatchery!

About Hatchery

Our monthly Tasting Box enables subscribers to taste, smell and experience ingredients before ordering them through our online marketplace. The Hatchery team works hard to connect quality artisan producers from across the country with those looking for authentic, small-batch cooking ingredients. We like to consider ourselves foodie matchmakers.

We believe in the power of the taste test and thrive off discovery. The very two reasons we started our subscription service. We designed Hatchery to allow people to break the norm and experience new flavors from the comfort of their own home. Our team travels the country so you don’t have to – sifting through green markets, visiting family farms and traveling dirt roads – in search of the most unique and flavorful ingredients. We’re doing our part to help people discover flavors (and products) they would have never discovered on their own.

The origin of what you eat is just as important as the flavor. We live by this, which is why we prominently feature each producer on our website. Each brand is profiled with a photo, brief history and map showing their origin, so you know exactly where your products are coming from.


Hatchery Tasting Box Review: take a taste and then buy

What I love most about Hatchery’s subscription service is that it connects its members to a marketplace where they can shop for full-sized versions of the products they sampled in their box.  Each box usually contains about 8 miniature versions of products that can be purchased at the Hatchery website.  The box I received contained the following:

  • Noble Handcrafted Tonic 02 Maple Syrup (made in Seatac, Washington) – I’m a maple syrup snob and this version definitely lived up to my expectations.  It’s like the best syrup you could buy fresh from a sugarhouse in Vermont, with some added vanilla bean and chamomile that seem to just float in the background.  Best. Waffle. Ever.
  • Butcher’s Bunches Ciao This! Balsamic Jam (made in Logan, Utah) – I put some dollops of this mostly-savory-but-also-sweet jam on a mini-pizza I made with leftover pulled pork and shredded cheese.  The pizza was a masterpiece and I still have a little leftover to glaze my next roast.
  • Mange Poire Vinegar (made in Somerville, Massachusetts) – Poire means pear, obvi, but don’t let the fancy french injection turn you off.  This stuff is super versatile and it only takes a little to impart some flavor.  I drizzled some over a rutabaga mash, used it to coat a piece of chicken and even threw a dash on some vanilla coconut milk ice cream.
  • The Gracious Gourmet Chile Red Pepper Tapenade (made in Bridgewater, Connecticut) – This is a spicy number, but I treated it sort of like sriracha and added it to things like soup broth for a little kick.  Totally worth it!
  • Stuart & Co. Spice Rub (made in Brooklyn, New York) – I coated a piece of my favorite steak cut, the Flatiron, with some of this rub and then grilled.  Smokey, spicy, and flavorful.  I didn’t think the Flatiron could get any better, but it has!
  • Mustard and Co. Mustard Sauce (made in Seattle, Washington) – Look, I live in Philly, so you know what I do with mustard?  I dip big soft pretzels in it, that’s what I do.  This turned my “two for a dollar” street food into a fancy treat.

Hatchery photo 1

I can definitely see the balsamic jam and the maple syrup making their way into my pantry in full-sized bottles.  Another cool thing about the box is that it comes with little wooden tasting spoons.  I had a little sampling session before I decided how I was going to use the products.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… For $20/month, you get a box full of fun new items that will tickle your taste buds AND you get to help support the independent purveyors of said yummy-ness.  Just do it!

Or Not to Buy…  Yeah sure you might get something in there that you don’t like, but you might also be introduced to the best flavor ever.  So yeah, there’s really no reason not to buy.

Shop!  Just visit the Hatchery website to sign up for a Tasting Box Subscription. Perfect for gift giving, there are 6 and 12 month gift plans.

Hatchery Tasting Subscription Box

The Shopping Mama Samples



Laura is mommy to Charlie, who was born in April 2011. If you are in Philadelphia and spot a woman on the bus who is balancing an active toddler and the largest canvas tote that L.L. Bean makes, you've probably spotted her. Always up for a challenge, Laura enjoys her day job as a fundraiser, cooking healthy meals at home for her family, and her new workout hobby - running.

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    This looks awesome! Totally want to get a box or subscription for my sister. (Amy, ignore that if you’re reading.)

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